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How to Configure AS/400 Connection


1. Click Cancel on the IBM credentials box, if present.





2. At the top of the screen, click on "Communication" and select "Configure". 




3. If this connection is to North America AS400, select SMCHQ for the System Name.

Or, if this connection is to Japan AS400, in the System Name box type:

Check that all settings on this screen are as shown here.  Then click "Properties".




4. For the User ID Signon information box, ensure that "Prompt every time" has been selected from the drop down menu.  Ensure all other settings are as shown here and click OK.




5. Click OK to close the Configure screen. Close the AS/400 session.

6. Start a new AS/400 session.

7. Enter your AS/400 user ID & Password in the credentials box.


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