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Syteline "Use Workstation Login"


The Syteline client ( sytelineicon.png ) is called Mongoose, its the same program we have been using since Go Live.  Making the change shown below will allow the application to launch without inputting your password.

There is a checkbox labeled "Use Workstation Login" on the opening screen.


Once this box is checked, the opening screen will look like this.


You select the database & click OK.  This should launch Syteline.

Limitations using the "Workstation Login"

  • This will not work with the web access. If you use both interfaces, a password will be required to authenticate via the web.
  • This will only work with your primary account.  If you have multiple Syteline accounts, you will need to use passwords with these secondary profiles.  If you uncheck the box, you screen will revert to the standard Sign In screen.


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