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Concur & ExpenseIt App Install Android


The Concur & ExpenseIt App are going to be rolled out to SMC owned phones. Below the notifications and installations steps to look out for/go through.

The notification shield in the upper left corner will indicate that AirWatch Agent has a notification waiting. 


Pull down from the top of the screen to open the notifications panel. Select AirWatch Application Install


You can identify the applications that haven't been installed yet because they show the generic green Android icon. Select the ones you need to install and go through the install in the Google Play App store.

com.concur.breeze = Concur
com.expensit = ExpenseIt


Google App Store entries for Concur and ExpenseIt


When the apps are install the icons change to the company provided icons



In case you missed the notifications, or can't find the Agent app, can't find the options to see Applications for your phone, you can always find any SMC provided apps in the SMC AirWatch Catalog


Apps not installed yet are indicated by white button "Install". Apps that are already installed are marked with the green "Installed"


It goes through the same process with install through the Google Play App store as before.


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