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Link to instructions video: (coming soon)

Content App delivers files SMC wants to make available to mobile device users in a convenient way. Currently it is setup to download the files of the SMC Best Pneumatics Catalog automatic when on WiFi and when opening the app and opening one of the folders. It will queue up the download of all files in that particular folder and download until done or until the WiFi connection is turned off.

Install VMware AirWatch Content App – if you haven’t installed the app yet, it will show up either in your notifications or in the SMC App Catalog (this catalog is already on your SMC device if it is enrolled in our management system) for you to select. Scroll to the end for instructions on the SMC App Catalog.

Install com.airwatch.contentlocker

screenshot-1506515607249.jpg screenshot-1506515639127.jpg 


Install VMware AirWatch Content App (Content Locker) from Google Play store

screenshot-1506515654521.jpg screenshot-1506515714954.jpg

Locate the VMware AirWatch Content App on your mobile device and open it. When you open it it might prompt you for a login. Please use your Windows/Network/Citrix username and password for login credentials.

screenshot-1506528908319.jpg Screenshot_20171019-085451.jpg

screenshot-1506515839291.jpg screenshot-1506515863185.jpg  

Once the Content app opens scroll down a bit to the the SMC provided content repositories. We might add more over time.

screenshot-1506518556268.jpg  Screenshot_20171019-085436.jpg 

When you open the SMC BestPneumatics repository it provides you with a list of sub-folders. Open one and all files that are part of that folder are queued up to download.

NOTE: Some WiFi networks might display you the list of items but won’t complete the download. If that happens please switch to another WiFi network.  

 Screenshot_20171016-112609.png Screenshot_20171019-085518.jpg Screenshot_20171019-085608.jpg

Once a file is downloaded it has the green check-mark in its icon/logo. When you select it you receive a dialog asking on how you would like to open this file. This varies depending on file type and installed apps. The Content App is a good option for most files.

screenshot-1506528271669.jpg screenshot-1506528287282.jpg 

Once inside the file you have several options what to do with the file for example share it via email.
Reminder the blue Mail app is the IBM Verse Mail app.

screenshot-1506529683689.jpg screenshot-1506529692826.jpg 


Content app  in SMC App Catalog

If you don't see the notification for the VMware AirWatch Content app you can always download it through the SMC App Catalog which is on your phone if its a SMC owned mobile phone:

screenshot-1506540842827.jpg screenshot-1506540851189.jpg 

If you don't see the Content app right away, scroll down a bit. It might be called AirWatch Content Locker

screenshot-1506540861416.jpg screenshot-1506540868966.jpg screenshot-1506540877027.jpg

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