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Attached to this article are the guideline and instructions for installing SMC Global Protect VPN Client and requirements for using SMC VPN Access:

The following security requirements are in place to protect your remote access device as well as SMC’s network from any security related issues.

In order to establish a connection with SMC’s network via VPN, the following guidelines apply :

An approved SMC IT Security Request for VPN access

  • All SMC Security policies are still in effect when accessing SMC’s network remotely
  • For SMC Employees, only your SMC issued equipment is eligible for connectivity
  • Antivirus protection must be installed and enabled
  • Virus definitions must be up to date (No more than 30 day’s out of date)
  • Scans must be regularly completed (No more than 7 days since last scan)
  • SMC-owned equipment must also have the SMC supplied Patch management and Anti-Spyware software installed and up to date

Please see the attached PDF for full installation instructions.

For Support or assistance, please contact the SMC IT Department
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