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Lucidchart is a web-based charting / drawing tool offered as a software subscription which allows users to collaborate and work together in real time to create flowcharts, organisational charts, website wireframes, UML designs, mind maps, software prototypes, and many other diagram types.


SMC offers 2 licensing Options:


  • No Charge (Annoying Pop-up - shown below)
  • View & Comment on shared drawings



  • Create new & edit existing content
  • $80 annual charge
  • Access to templates and custom objects

First time template Setup

Screen_Shot_2017-12-08_at_11.34.41_AM.png  =>   Screen_Shot_2017-12-08_at_11.34.56_AM.png


Requesting an Editor license:

Submit a Ringi

Use the Ringi category is show below:

Acquisition or disposal of land, buildings, machine and equipment, industrial property, or other important asset

Software Purchase/Implementation



* Ignore the team invite - everyone already has reader access.



The LucidChart Help Center (circled in red) has an extensive collection of articles & support material.


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