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JIRA Confusion in Okta


SMC is using two different cloud-based JIRA instances, this is creating a conflict, causing a problem authentication difficulties for users who are involved in both projects.

While we are attempting to resolve this error, there is a work around (this portion must be completed by IT).

  1. Add the affected user to the OKTA Atlassian group
  2. This will add 2 new Chiclets to their OKTA workspace

Once these are available, the end user should follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Atlassian JIRA chiclet first, it will either error out due to no account or lunch the SMC/Moser instance
  2. Leaving that browser tab open, jump back to the Okta tab and click on the JIRA (FAIC) chiclet
  3. The JIRA (FAIC) should launch successfully
  4. The condition should be corrected moving forward.


If it occurs again, follow the same process.

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