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Ambiguous Name or No Match when sending emails


Sometimes during the sending of an email to a large distribution group the names Notes tries to send to aren't quite clear. It will then show the Ambiguous Name dialog box.


It is very important to answer these prompts VERY carefully or your email might not be send to all that you want it to, or even send to people you definitely do NOT want it to go to.

When sending an email to a group that has ambiguous group names included you might see this dialog box (names have been pixelized to protect privacy of current or former employees/customers):


Or like this:


It is VERY important to read the options available carefully and pick the correct Name and then click the correct button. If you select Cancel Send it will not send anymore emails out that come after the last name that was send before reaching that ambiguous name. If you choose Skip Name in the above cases it will skip sending to anybody in Cleveland or Charlotte branches. Make sure to select the correct name and then select OK. 


On rare occasions a name can still be in a group when it has already been deleted out of the directory. Then this No Match  dialog will be displayed.



It is again very important NOT to select Cancel Send because then no emails beyond the last name chosen will be send out. In this case selecting Skip Name is the appropriate choice.


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