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Synchronize Contacts to/from Notes Client


Contacts are automatically synchronized between the iNotes (Toolbox) webmail and SMC smartphones. Some users prefer using the Notes client to enter/modify contacts. This document describes how to synchronize contacts to and from the Notes client.

The synchronize settings can be accessed by selecting the Replication and Sync icon on the left side of the Notes client.



Make sure the Synchronize Contacts option is enabled. (If it cannot be enabled, see hints at end of document.) Select Start Now and the contacts will be synchronized.



During sync the progress is displayed in the rows and then a summary of the actions taken is shown.



 To automate the sync select Schedule - Enable Scheduled Replication/Sync. This will automatically sync when starting and closing the Notes client.



To modify the schedule select Set Replication/Sync Schedule...



Select the preferred settings and OK. (These settings can also be set under File - Preferences - Replication and Sync)




If Synchronize Contacts can't be enabled go to File - Preferences - Contacts and select Enable "Synchronize Contacts" on the Replication and Sync tab (Required for Contacts delegation and iNotes Contacts synchronization)


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