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Mail Count Inaccurate in Notes client


Occasionally, the number of unread emails displayed in the Mail application icon on your workspace becomes inaccurate. Here are the steps to fix this:

1) Open your mail file



2) Open the "All Documents" view (IMPORTANT - If you delete a document in this view, it is gone from your mail - doesn't matter if you also had it in a folder)



3) If you have messages that you want to keep as "Unread", follow this subset of instructions:
a) Click the Show button and select "Unread Only"
b) Select all the Unread documents
c) Click the Folder --> Move to Folder action button
d) Select/Create temporary folder for the selected unread document

4) With "All Documents" view open, go to Edit --> Unread Marks --> Mark All Read


5) If you opted to keep messages as Unread and followed Step 3 above, follow this subset of instructions:
a) Open the folder where you stored the message to keep as Unread
b) Select all the documents in folder
c) Press the Insert key on your keyboard to mark the selected documents as Unread
d) Select all documents in folder and click Folder --> Remove from Folder action button



In rare circumstances unread documents are not showing in the All Documents view or any other view. After performing the previous steps, use the function Next Unread (F4).

In All Documents or your Inbox use F4 or Next Unread button to find the next unread mail/document


Once all documents are read in that view/folder it will prompt you if you want to search other views/folders.


On very rare occasions Notes will find documents in views that haven't been built yet. If it prompts you if you want to create the views, please send a ticket to IT so we can have a look at that.



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