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Calendar Delegation Instructions - Providing Reader Access to a Calendar


Lotus Notes Calendar Delegation is necessary when one person is required to view more information of another person’s calendar than is accessible by default. The Group Calendar is a great tool to see the availability of a selected group of people. But to see details of calendar entries, the security of the calendars involved needs to be set just right.
Only the owner of a mail/calendar file can setup the delegation to allow others to see more information of their calendar. Follow these instructions to allow other users to view public entries in your calendar.
Providing Reader Access to a Calendar
To provide reader access to a calendar:
1. From your Lotus Notes calendar, select Tools.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Click the Access & Delegation tab.

The following picture shows an example of selecting Preferences. 


Do not modify any other settings than what are discussed here. Modifying other settings can result in more users having access to this mail file or the mail file owner not having access to the mail file anymore until IT services repairs it.

The following picture shows an example of the Access & Delegation tab,


4. Click Add Person or Group.

This process allows you to add only one individual user or one group at a time to the calendar. This process must be repeated for additional users or groups to be added.



In section 1:
5. Select Enter or choose a user/group.
6. Click the drop down list and select the user or group that requires access to the calendar.

The following picture is an example of the Add People/Groups dialogue window. 


In section 2:
7. Select Only Calendar and To Do.
In section 3:
8. Select Read any Calendar Entry or To Do.
Providing more access will allow the user/group to create and delete entries as well. In section 4 leave settings blank, otherwise all meeting notices will also be forwarded to users/groups selected.
9. Click OK.
Each user and group will be listed in the dialog window after they are added. The user/group access level is displayed in the window below after selecting each one window the users/groups are listed in.
10. Click OK.
Now the users/groups selected are able to access the calendar and view details. 
The following picture shows an example of the Access & Delegation tab once users and/or groups are added.


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