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SMC System Status (Summary)


(SMC IT will strive to keep this page updated. Contact SMC IT if you feel this status report is incorrect.)                   

System  Stat Issues Reported   System Stat Issues Reported  
Syteline mceclip1.png mceclip1.png  
Provia mceclip1.png




Customer Connect mceclip1.png     Supplier Connect mceclip1.png  
Network mceclip1.png     Microsoft 365 mceclip1.png  
PLM mceclip1.png     Dayforce mceclip1.png  
CRM mceclip1.png      VDI/VMWare mceclip1.png  


mceclip1.png = System is A-Okay

mceclip2.png= Issues have been reported and we are working quickly to resolve

mceclip0.png = System is currently offline or unavailable

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