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iPhone - Employee owned device setup for SMC Email


SMC provides a hands off way to enable SMC Employees to receive SMC email on their employee owned mobile devices. This service enables employees to have their email available when they want to in a very comfortable/quick way, without having to go a website and have to log in every time, etc. This way less time is used by the employee and SMC gets the benefit of more accessibility.

Please submit a ticket to SMC IT to gain access to SMC email on your employee owned device. Please copy your supervisor on the ticket so they can give consent.


Once we add you to the group that allows access you can begin the setup.


  • Point your smart phone browser to HTTPS:// and sign in using your toolbox username/password


  • Select the option to install a profile on your phone - Generate an Apple Profile for Apple Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Apps (IBM Verse client doesn't work yet with this solution).

  • Select Generate to create a profile for your username on your phone.

  • Select Install to install profile


  • Enter your device pin/password to allow install of profile

  • Answer the warning by selecting Install to installed the unsigned profile we provide

  • Select Install in the overlay screen as well

  • Enter your password. This is the toolbox password again as before, then select Next

  • In the "The account cannot be verified" prompt select Skip to not try to verify account - it will either work or it won't if there were typos

  • Profile installed - select Done. This will take you back to the browser screen with the Generate button - you don't have to click that again, just exit your browser and go to your main iPhone screen.

Email will start downloading over the next few minutes to an hour, depending on connection speed/mail file size/mail retention selected. It will show up in your normal iPhone Mail app


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