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How to open an encrypted email in webmail (Toolbox mail / iNotes)


Encrypted emails are a special type of secured message, designed to be only visible if opened with the correct personal key (Notes ID) that has been issued to you by SMC. 

When you try to open an encrypted email in webmail (Toolbox mail / iNotes) it will prompt you for your Notes ID password:



If you get prompted that you don't have your contained in your mail file, or if you just want to check on it, select Preferences - Security in that screen you can check if the mail file CONTAINS or DOES NOT CONTAIN a Notes ID:

If your mail file contains the Notes ID, but the password you are trying isn't working, try to Synchronize your Notes ID with the one stored in our ID Vault - this would contain the latest password you used with your Notes client (if you never changed it, possibly the first one)

If that doesn't work, submit a ticket to IT and we can reset the password.


Same for the rare cases when no Notes ID is in your mail file and you are using a Thin Client or a non SMC PC - submit a ticket and we can help you add your Notes ID to your mail file.


If you are using a SMC PC with Notes installed locally you have your Notes ID already in your Notes\Data directory. Since this is a bit hidden don't hesitate to get help from IT with that import task. When importing your Notes ID you will be promoted to enter the password for it as well:



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