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Sending emails and email size limits


SMC has always had limits on how large emails can be regardless of whether they are sent internally or externally. This limit is in place to keep our mail systems running efficiently and also to make sure no one accidentally sends out huge amounts of files. 

Our current limit is set to 50 MB (50,000 KB). This includes all fields and text of the email and attachments.

Attachments are not always displayed and stored on your computers file system in the same way they are stored on mail servers. It is a best practice to leave some extra space for “rounding up” and limit any attachment to 49 MB or less.

If you send an email that is too large, the mail servers will reject it. You will see this message:

Keep in mind that if you saved a copy of the sent email, it might be saved in your Sent folder and take up that space, even if it was rejected.

IMPORTANT: Just because we allow 50 MB emails doesn’t mean your recipient outside of SMC North America can receive those email sizes. Always check with your recipient before sending a large attachment as to how big the emails can be that they receive.

IMPORTANT: This 50 MB max mail size only applies to the Notes Client. If you are trying to upload files while use the SMC Webmail (through Toolbox) the limit per file is 20 MB, so keep that in mind.

An alternative to email is our SMC file transfer service you can access at - this website lets you share files of up to 100 MB and people can just download it without worrying about email. It works for internal as well as external recipients!

If you have any questions about this topic or any others please contact SMC IT Systems Support via,  call x2000, or call 317-688-0050.


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