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Japan AS400 Shortcut Install (non-VDI users)



Japan AS400 Shortcut Install (for Non-VDI Users)


The following procedure installs a shortcut to connect directly to Japan AS400.  It eliminates the need to sign into the Legacy US AS400 (SMCHQ). 


System Requirements 

Your computer must already have the IBM Client Access application installed. 

Check for this folder on your device.  C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\IBM\Client Access

If it does not exist, submit a request to



1. Open the Start Menu and search for “Self Service Client”

2. Click on “Self Service Client” App

3. Locate “Japan AS400 Settings”, click “Install”

4. The result will be a shortcut named SMCJAPAN. 

5. Do not use SMCHQ (US AS400) credentials when using this shortcut.  Use only your Japan account credentials.




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