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Channel Guide Format

Channel Name - Description {Owner} 


Public Channels





dev_    Development Team Channels

dev_syteline : Syteline development channel {D Meyer}

dev_crm : SugarCRM development channel

dev_domino : Domino development channel {S Bridegroom}

dev_marketing : SMCUSA development channel {W Stanley}


dsc_    Discussion Channels

dsc_smctech101 : Ideas for an SMC technology 101 class {Bob S}

dsc_servicenow : Service now discovery channel {Brandon W}

dsc_maildiscussion : Email discussion {Michael Kobrowski}


hr_  HR Team Channels



it_    IT Team Channels

it_applications : IT Application {B Stephan}

it_infrastructure : IT Infrastructure {B Long}

it_systems : IT Systems Support {B Waggoner}

it_management : IT Management Team {M Loggins}

it_smcteam : SMC IT Employees {B Stephan}


ops_   Infrastructure Team Channels

ops_network: Network team {B Long}

ops_server: Server team {B Long}

ops_telcom: Telcom and phones {B Long}


prj_   Project Specific Channels

prj_dbsvrcnsldtest : Db consolidation test {B Stephan}

prj_dominoservers : Domino Server Upgrades {M Korbrowski}

prj_exchange-online : Exchange Online Rollout {B Long}

prj_nobl2olt_migrate : Exchange Online Rollout {B Long}

prj_proofpoint : Proofpoint Project {M Kobrowski}

prj_sec_compliance : Security and Compliance Project {B Long}


tst_   Test Channels

tst_zendesk - A test channel, our team is working on an integration to post slack messages about certain types of Zendesk tickets. {B Stephan}




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