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Sign on US AS400 the First Time


Sign onto US AS400 the First Time

(or if a temporary password was emailed)


1. Find the temporary password in the email you received.


2. On the SMCHQ (US AS/400) screen, on the “User” line, type your user name.

Tab to the “Password” line and paste or type the temporary password there. 

Then press Enter.



3. Press Enter



4. On the “Current password” line, type the temporary password

Tab to the “New password” line, type what you want your new password to be. 

Note: Create a password using only letters and numbers, no special characters.  The first character cannot be a number or the letter Q.

Tab to the “verify” line, again type the new password you are creating.

Then press Enter.



5. Press Enter

All done.





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