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How to enroll your mobile device into SMC Microsoft 365 Intune for Email and other applications


Updated 2021-12-09 - Michael Kobrowski

Below PDF files with instructions on how to enroll your device. 

NOTICE - here a few TIPS & TRICKS also mentioned in the articles below:

- To finish enrolling your Android SMC device, you need to make sure you passcode to unlock your device is at least 6 digits long. Also you need to enable Secure Startup inside Security/"Other security settings" - Data protection - Strong protection" settings on your phone

- this will prompt you for your passcode before the phone starts. It has been shown to be best practice to make those two changes before trying to enroll your device in Intune/Company Portal for outlook.

- Helpful URLs for SMC apps that you will have to reinstall:

  • wMobile for SugarCRM -
  • Okta -
  • Dayforce - smcnorthamerica
  • SAP Concur - tb5g8c
  • Microsoft Intune Company Portal Username = Network/VDI user and (John Adam Smith = and password

NEW: Click here for help with Contacts, especially in Outlook Mobile 


How to enroll Android device into Microsoft 365 Intune 2021-12-09.pdf


Android devices especially will require you to adjust some security settings, if they aren't already set, here some instructions how that may look (varies): 


Apple iOS:


 How to enroll SMC owned IoS device into Microsoft 365 Intune.pdf







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