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Instructions to install Outlook client


To install the Outlook client, please open your software center and install the application that is available named "Office 365 with Outlook and Access"

NOTICE: Outlook won't work until your migration has started - please don't try to setup Outlook before your migration has started, or better after your migration is finished, as you would receive many notifications in the Outlook client if you have it open while migrating.

Important: Please make sure you close all instances of any Microsoft Products BEFORE trying to install. If you have any Office products open, it will make the installation fail.

Here are some detailed instructions:


  1. Open start menu and type in, "Software Center"… Click on the Software Center shortcut icon that comes up.                               
  2. After you open Software Center you will see an application labeled “Office 365 with Outlook and Access”… click on that application.                                                                                                    
  3. Once you click the application, you will see the “Install” option. Click on Install. 
  4. If you see "Uninstall" then that means you already have Outlook on your PC. Please search for Outlook in the start menu to confirm. If you already have Outlook, then you do not need to do anything else.


  1. After clicking on install, the application will first download and then start installing. You will get a progress bar window that will let you know when it is done installing.




  1. Once you have Outlook installed, (AND AFTER THE MIGRATION of your email started) search for it in the start menu search bar. Run the Outlook program. When the program first starts it will ask you to enter an email address. This should already be populated. Click Connect. NOTE: This won't work until your Outlook account is active after your migration starts.



  1. Next you will have to type in your network password when prompted.


  1. When you get to the “Account setup is complete” screen, you need to make sure you UNCHECK the box labeled, “Setup Outlook Mobile on my phone, too”


  1. After you click OK, the Outlook app will start. Depending on a few different things, you MAY see a window asking you to activate office. Enter your credentials in this format: and click Next


  1. On the last screen you simply have to click OK, and you will be ready to use Outlook.


Any questions or errors please contact the IT systems support group at 317-688-0050 or

Thank you.

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