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What is Dayforce?

Dayforce is SMC’s new Human Capital Management software that will replace both Workday and Kronos.


Will I be using a different time clock?

Yes!  Beginning on December 17th, you will be using the new Dayforce timeclocks. They will be installed in the same location as the current Kronos clocks.


What will happen to the Paid Time Off I have already requested and been approved for in Kronos?

Human Resources will be verifying that all requested and approved time off will be transferred to the new Dayforce timesheets.


I do not see my Birthday holiday listed in Dayforce?

Your Birthday Holiday will automatically accrue in the month of your birth.  So, if your birthday is in June, you will see your holiday available on June 1st.


Will I need a new badge with the new system?

You will continue to use the same badge to punch in and out at the timeclocks.


Will my information be transferred from Workday to Dayforce?

However, we encourage all employees to access Dayforce right away to ensure important information – such as direct deposit, tax elections, address and emergency contacts, etc. – is correct is the system.


How will I access Dayforce?

You will be able to access Dayforce through OKTA, just as you currently access Workday.  The Dayforce “chicklet” will be visible and accessible beginning on December 17th.


You can find Dayforce mobile app setup instructions here ...



What if I find a discrepancy in my Dayforce account?

You will be able to make any necessary changes through Dayforce’s self-service function.  If you are unable to make necessary changes through the self-service function, email for assistance.   


When will I receive my first paycheck from Dayforce?

Our conversion to Dayforce will not impact payroll timing in any way. Your first check of 2019 will be on Friday, January 4th. This will mark the first Dayforce generated payday.


Will there be any additional training made available?

Training will be available on Actuate and can be accessed as needed by each employee.


What do I do if I lose my Dayforce password?

You should contact IT to have your password reset. Contact for more information.


Who can I contact to ask questions about Dayforce?

You can email us at


Who should I contact with payroll questions?

You can email or call 1-866-845-8733


How can I get email notifications about time-off requests being requested and or approved?

Go to your Profile and Settings in Dayforce, make sure it is your Employee with WFM (USA) profile and not your Manager with WFM.



Select the edit button in the Contact Information area. 



Select the box for alerts to the right of your email address.



Then Save.  You will go through an email verification process and then be able to see your notifications via email.




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