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Microsoft 365 - Intune Company Portal: Compliance Policy update


We are adjusting the Microsoft 365 Company Compliance policies, which will prompt you to possibly make some changes on your mobile device.

MS Company Portal will prompt you to make those changes, but you can also check the compliance settings yourself from the Company Portal App. Under DEVICES tap your device.

NOTE: If you only have SMC owned device enrolled, but two devices are showing the older one might be from a previous attempt to enroll the device. They get automatically deleted after 90 days of no contact and we occasionally go through and remove them as well. You might get non-compliant policy notification because of that 2nd "phantom" device.

Select Check device settings 


Depending on connection and how busy the Microsoft Cloud is, confirming device settings and compliance policies can take just a few seconds or several minutes.


While checking the app might notify you about new device settings you need to implement, but it is best to wait until the whole check ran.


Once the check is complete, select This device needs to update device settings to see which changes you need to make


Follow the instructions to apply the new settings or change passcodes to make you device compliant again. In this example the passcode was only 4 digit. It needs to be 6 characters long and must be complex enough with no repeating or ordered sequences. (no 111111 or 123456)



There might be more changes that have to be made to the device settings, follow the instructions under How to resolve this, that should enable you to get to the right settings.

NOTE: Another important compliance policy related setting to change is to turn on SECURE STARTUP:

If you have already set the Passcode/Pasword/PIN and your device is still showing out of compliance you most likely have to set up the Secure Startup option.

Go into Settings - Lock screen and security - Secure Startup

(It might also be Settings - Biometrics & Security - Secure Startup, or in Android 10 Samsung under: "Other security settings" - Data protection - Strong protection)


SecureStartupScreenshot_20190124-081148_Settings.jpg   Screenshot_20190121-161636_Settings.jpg

Then turn on Secure Startup by selecting Require PIN when phone turns on.


Once your device is compliant again the device details screen in Company Portal will look like this.


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