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THE BIG SWITCH: Outlook Mobile Application Contacts


As soon as you are enrolled in Microsoft Intune on your phone and setup Outlook in your Workspace your Contacts are loaded into Outlook.

(Enrollment instructions are here: Intune Enrollment)

Notice: If neither your Outlook client (Desktop or VDI), Outlook Web browser (through Okta) or the Outlook Mobile App shows your personal contacts, and searching as described next doesn't work, Contacts probably didn't sync. Click here for instructions on how to manually Export from Notes/Import into Outlook.


How to Search Contacts in the Outlook Mobile App

Here instructions on how to find Contacts inside the Outlook Mobile Application with the search function:



How to get Contacts from Outlook Mobile App into Contacts app

If you want to sync the personal contacts from the Outlook app with your phone Contacts app, please follow these instructions (these are also part of the Enrollment instructions above):

In the Outlook app menu select the Settings gear icon to enable contact sync. In the 2nd screen tap on your Office 365 to change settings for your account
c4.jpg c5.jpg


Tap on Sync contacts switch to turn on synchronization of contacts. Make sure to Allow Outlook to access your contacts, or this won’t work. 

c6.jpg c7.jpg  

After you confirm that Sync contacts is now active, go back to your Workprofile/Workspace folder and open the Samsung Contacts app

c8.jpg c9.jpg


Your contacts might already show if the sync has happened, but if not you can double check the settings by tapping SYNC WITH YOUR ACCOUNTS and making sure Outlook is active.
c10.jpg c11.jpg 


Your contacts will show in the contacts app.



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