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Outlook - Using Notify All Company, US and Canada mail groups


Going forward we will be using the following new company-wide mail groups to email and notify the company: 

NA-Notify SMC NA (All of SMC North America users) 
US-Notify SMC US 
CA-Notify SMC CA 

For the first use of these groups you must locate them. Click on the To button to open the address book. 


In the search field enter NA-Notify or US-Notify and it will start searching for the correct group. If you don’t get the result you want, switch the Address Book it is looking in to Global Address List – username


Click the group you want once, then select Bcc at the bottom of the dialog box to add this group to the BCC field (as is best practice for all many user groups)


After clicking OK the group will be in the BCC field of the new email - If you have permissions to use the mail group selected it will display the estimated number of recipients as well as the Mail tip below: 




If you don’t have permission to send to a group, it will state it in the same area shortly after you entered/selected the mail group. Please submit a ticket to IT if you want to have permission to email to these groups and include a business reason for the request. 




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