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Outlook: How to manage Groups, Distribution Lists or O365 groups in Microsoft Outlook Web 365


This article is for use in the Microsoft 365 Outlook web client. Click here to view an article about how to do this in Microsoft Outlook desktop client.

Microsoft provides several different ways how to manage the different groups types in Microsoft 365. Here the easiest way we have found so far.

This goes for

- Distribution lists
- Contact groups
- Office 365 groups

Open the Outlook web client by launching the Microsoft 365 Mail icon from your Okta home page, or opening a browser to and logging in with your SMC credentials. 

Once you have Outlook open on the web, click the gear icon at the upper right, and in the menu that appears, scroll to the bottom and click View All Outlook Settings. In the Settings window that appears, click General, then select Distribution groups, and under Distribution Groups I Own you will see a list of groups for which you are an Owner. To edit this group, highlight it, and click the pencil icon as shown:


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