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Enroll in Okta Multi Factor Authentication MFA with Okta Verify app


Extra verification increases your account security when signing in to Okta and other applications you use. With more and more phishing and other attacks being launched every day it is the best defense to require extra verification when logging into SMC systems. Follow this process to secure your account and our information.

Login to Okta as normal - then select your name in the upper right corner and click on Settings


On the Settings page click on Set up under Extra Verification


The next screen may vary depending on what MFA policy is assigned to your account, but click Setup to continue.


Select on which type of mobile device you will use the Okta Verify app and follow the directions to acquire it


Using your mobile device scan the QR code to authenticate.  You might have to move the device back and forth a couple times to get it to focus.


Once successfully scanned from your mobile device the screen will go back to the Okta settings screen and show that your account is enrolled in Okta verify.


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