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How to Access BIN95 CBT Modules


Note: If you have accessed the modules before, skip the first two steps and continue to Step 3: Access the Modules


1. Access the FileShare

     a. Open up File Explorer and navigate to "This PC"

     b. In the "Computer" Tab, click "Add a network location"

     c. When the "Add Network Location Wizard" appears, click Next, and then click "Choose a custom network location."

     d. Type the following into the dialog box: "\\59CNGOD\BIN95 CBT Modules" then click Next


          Note: IT must share this network location with you. If you cannot connect to the FileShare please ask IT for assistance.

     e. Give the share a custom name, or leave it as default, and click Next, then Finish

     f. If the share doesn't open right away, it is now located under "This PC" in file Explorer:



2. Perform First-Time Setup

     a. Open the BIN95 CBT Modules Fileshare

     b. Click the "CBT_Modules2" shortcut. This will open your web browser. (Do not use Internet Explorer for this Step)

     c. Click the "1. Install Device Driver" link. If it requires admin rights, please contact IT for assistance.

     d. Once the driver is installed, click the next link "2. Click here to configure"

     e. Nothing will seem to happen at first, but after a few moments, you will see a "Device Driver Configured" prompt. Close this prompt


3. Access the Modules

     a. Open the "CBT_Modules2" shortcut in Internet Explorer:


     b. Click the "Click on link to view CBT modules" link. This will prompt you to run YesYenCBT.exe. Click run, do not click save. Once you run it the modules will launch.


If you have any questions or issues with this guide please do not hesitate to contact the IT department at or by dialing extension 2000.

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