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How to Change your Sugar (Sales Connect) Password


Note: This article informs you of how to change your password when you know your current password. If you don't know your current password, please refer to this article:


Changing Password via User Preferences

You also have the option to change your own password by navigating to the Password tab in your user preferences. You can use this option to change your temporary Sugar password, system-generated password, or to update your current password for security reasons.

Use the following steps to change your password in Sugar:

  1. Log into your Sugar instance and click your user profile on the upper right of the page. Then select "Profile".


  1. Click "Edit" on the upper left of your user profile (not the drop-down)
    A new "Password" tab will appear;  select the Password tab.
  2. Enter your current "temporary" password, new password, and confirmed password making sure to meet the password requirements listed on the right.
  • Note: Each password requirement will be checked off in the list as the new password meets the required conditions. 


  • Click "Save" to preserve the change.  



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