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How to Export and Import your Email Signature



Exporting your Signature


If you use the client version of Microsoft Outlook, it is good practice to backup your email signature to risk losing it in the future (computer crashes, reimages, etc.). Here are the steps to back it up (Note: if you use Outlook through Okta, your signatures are automatically saved and there is no need to back them up):


1. Open the run dialog on your PC by pressing the Windows Key+R  key combination on your keyboard (hold the Windows key and then press R).

2. Copy-paste the following into the text field: %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\microsoft\

3. Copy-paste the Signatures folder to a secure location, such as your OneDrive or P:\ drive.


That's it! Your email signature is backed up. Please note that if you make any changes to your signature you will have to repeat these steps to ensure an up-to-date backup.


Importing your Signature to a New Device


If you have backed up your email signature in the past, simply navigate to the folder in which you saved it. Then, open the run dialog by pressing Windows Key + R on your keyboard. Type or copy-paste the following path into the text field:


If you see a folder titled Signatures, simply copy-paste the contents of your backed-up Signatures folder into that folder and close the window. Your signatures will now appear in Outlook.

If you do not see a folder titled Signatures, simply copy your entire backed-up Signatures folder into the %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\microsoft\ folder.


If you have any issues finding the folder mentioned in this article, please reach out to the SMC IT Department by dialing extension 2000 or by sending an email to


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